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diə buwəŋ id. to have survived eaten life
diə fie eat debt (sem. domains: - Steal.)
diə gəsɨ too anxious, negative (lit. ate teeth) (sem. domains: - Afraid.)
diə kə fulɔ glutton (lit. eating with no satisfaction) (sem. domains: - Lack self-control.)
diə kɨbɛyɛ birth feast (sem. domains: - Birth ceremony.)
diə kɨtɨ successor (sem. domains: - King\'s family.)
diə ku inherit (sem. domains: - Inherit.)
diə ntsə eat medicine (sem. domains: 2.5.7 - Treat disease.)
diə nyuŋ phr. harvest, collect (honey from hive)
diə yintaŋ strong voice (sem. domains: - Voice.)
diəbuwəŋ survive (sem. domains: - Remain, remainder, - Survive.)
diəəŋ ide. rightly (sem. domains: 7.5 - Arrange.)
diəhə not edible (sem. domains: 5.2.3 - Types of food.)
dɨəhə he does not eat, he will not eat (3rd person, not eating) (sem. domains: - Fast, not eat.)
diənə food (sem. domains: - Room.)
diəŋ 1same (sem. domains: - Unique, 8.5.2 - Direction, 6.9.2 - Work for someone, - Meaning, - Same, - At the same time, - Almost, - Usual.) 2adv. exact (sem. domains: - Exact.) 3adv. just, almost not (sem. domains: - Just, almost not.) 4adv. fairly (sem. domains: 9.3.5 - Attribution of an attribute.)
diəŋ nɨ the same as (sem. domains: - At the same time.)
diəŋchi the same as (sem. domains: - At the same time.)
diəŋdiəŋ 1same, equal (sem. domains: - Equivalence.) 2balance (sem. domains: - Symmetrical.) 3adj. two things or more being similar (sem. domains: - Revenge, - Like, similar.) 4adj. fifty-fifty (sem. domains: - Uncertain.)
diəŋdiəŋ adj. 1right, correct (sem. domains: - Prepare, - Talk about a subject.) 2straight forward (sem. domains: - Straight.)
diese n. 9/10 hip (sem. domains: 2.1.2 - Torso.) díese
diɛ n. 9/10 word (sem. domains: - Word, 9 - Grammar.) díɛ
diɛ n. 10 9/10 lie, falsehood (sem. domains: - Protest, - Dishonest, - Hypocrite, - Tell a lie, - Certainly, definitely, - Believe.)
diɛ n. will (sem. domains: - Inherit.)
diɛ n. 1voice (sem. domains: - Pattern, model, - Beautiful.) 2record (sem. domains: - Record.)